An Anticipatory Autonomic Crypto-Fiat Multiasset Trading Bot



Winbot’s core is a sophisticated Autonomic Anticipatory Agent that’s smart enough to predict small and big changes in a dynamical environment such as financial markets and global weather 99.99% of the time accurately.

We present a highly versatile Autonomic self-organizing, self-learning, self-planning and self-executing trading bot capable of dynamically respond to any changes in the market behaviors proactively at local scale by detecting rapid metamorphism of market microstructures for a particular trade opportunity/threat and at global scale by monitoring multifractal-likemarket macrostructures for managing an entire portfolio of assets across multiple binary crypto pairs and multiple exchanges e.g. Poloniex, Bitfinex, ShapeShift and Kraken.

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  • Hypermind



    Winbot’s strategic-tactical planner Hypermind generates goals of various complexities and then self-plans long-term macro-scale strategies and short-term micro-scale tactics for executing those higher and lower level goals as well as localized action in coordination with Annihilator Engine and Self-modifying REXMind via Metaglue Realtime Coordination Protocol (MRCP).

  • Annihilator Engine

    Annihilator Engine

    Annihilator Engine

    Annihilator Engine organizes collision of streams and anti-streams of cryptocurrency trading volumes and directions of order placements to systematically cancel any common statistical structure in the original data streams, leaving only information relating to their statistically significant differences. This enables Winbot to automatically discover patterns, differences & trends.

  • REXMind



    REXMind is a self-referential Godel machine that’s able to rewrite the whole subsystem and improve the overall performance of Winbot by constantly looking up for mathematical proof of its optimal growth via s self-improvement strategy for the global state of Winbot which will directly or indirectly help improve its trading performance and portfolio management goals qualitatively and/or quantitatively.

Winbot though initially targeted for cryptocurrency trading and cryptoasset management can be repurposed to build following applications:

23Happy Traders
20Million $ Invested
5345Winning Trades
12Countries Reached

Evolving Technical Whitepaper Released

Q2 2017

Started Development and Implementation

Q2-Q4 2017

ICO Campaign and Winken Token Launch

Q3 2017

Back-testing & Forward-testing of Winbot Beta

Q4 2017 – Q1 2018

Launch Of Winbot & Interbot Cooperation Network Winbonet

Q2-Q4 2018 Winbot can be downloaded by Winken tokenholders’ into their smartphones and computers.

Winbot tokens, Winkens are now on presale


The men behind the machine

  • Ren Timer
    Ren Timer
    Ren Timer is a cryptocurrency investor and quantum/non-quantum hypercomputing expert. He has been actively investing in cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets for the last 5 years.
  • Daniel Kaminski  De Souza
    Daniel Kaminski De Souza
    Technical Director Daniel Kaminski de Souza besides the Ethereum Classic Cofounder, Evangelizer & skilled developer, is a R&D electronics & telecommunications engineer experienced in industrial large scale software development. His blockchain passion is translated into blockchain development expertise.
  • Nick Hiker
    Nick Hiker
    Nick Hiker is a growth hacker and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is actively assisting a number of cryptocurrency startups worldwide to raise growth capital especially those located in Singapore, India and Switzerland.
  • SJ 42
    SJ 42
    An experienced Coder & Cryptographer on a mission to use his God-given gifts in coding to help others. He has worked with people in many different countries, and from many different industries and is now on a mission to change cryptocurrency for good.

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